Obstinate Sacrifice

by Noia

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released May 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Noia Florence, Italy

Since 2001

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Track Name: Prefabricated Personalities
Slavery is what they call freedom, ordered from above
Futility is what they call fun, manipulated thoughts
Choose your uniform and be proud
Learn the slogans, sing them loud

Waste of life

Prefabricated satisfactions, easy to achieve
Banalities, triviliaties: everything you need
Choose your uniform and be proud
Learn the slogans, sing them loud

Waste of life

Destructed from above
Deprived of mind and soul
And you have lost dignity
Prefabricated personalities

You never leave some room for doubt, you refuse to think
Point the finger is all you do, it gives you security
Choose your uniform and be proud
Learn the slogans, sing them loud

Waste of life
Track Name: Slow Suicide
Crawling in search of a short term remedy
Trading a disaster for a celebration of misery
Booze and dope: a comfortable illusion
But reality will show the conclusion

Slow suicide

Wake up, anxiety and fear in your head
Paranoia grips your chest
Everyone's guilty but you are the only one to blame
Unbearable feelings: the dog bites its tail, again

Slow suicide

Unconscious punishment
Concatenation of multiple deaths
Weak and destroyed
Victim of your own choice

Live for what? Live for who?
Bitterness has freezed every move
Day after day, dying slowly
Suicide has never been so easy

Slow suicide
Track Name: Dissection Of Falsity
Ridicule their values, pleasure is all they need
See through the illusion: the claws of destiny
Can you feel what i feel?
Can you see what i see?

Dissection of falsity

Cold disappointment, brought to yourself
Spiritutal mirror, how will you react?
Will you feel? What do you feel?
Will you wait? There's no escape

Dissection of falsity

Lies, fears, regrets
Shame, guilt, remorse
The consciusness burns
The illusions bleed
What was unknown is now revealed

Crush, burn, shatter every resistance
Cut, smash, erase. Keep the distance
Can you feel what i feel?
Can you bear what i bear?

Dissection of falsity
Track Name: It's Only Lust
We all know the taste of sin satisfies our heavy thrills
And when this taste fills the mouth, the eyes shine, the senses pound

Nobody gives a damn of what is in your head
No chance to break the heart, 'cause it's only lust
Only lust

Live the moment: an easy behaviour
Kneel before the altar of pleasure
No one wants to know the score
Shapes of flesh, nothing more

Pleasure and pain collide
Both love and hate inside
There is no need of trust when it's only lust
Only lust

I hear the sound of a heavy breath
You start sweating, warm and wet
And when it's over, nothing's left
Cold eyes looking for someone else

Feed my addiction
One more ignition
I do it, i must 'cause it's only lust
Only lust
Track Name: Crush The Agony
Desperate behaviour, spiritual tomb
Overdose of life: feel the clench of doom
Victim of an illusion, live through confusion

Crush the agony

Blind disappointment, corrosion of the soul
Questions without answers, left to die alone
Cold heart, burning spirit
Apathy, no self forgiveness

Crush the agony

Losing every grip, unable to react
Lost is every hope and the blame is on yourself
Withdrawal symptoms, precipitate
And the cause is only yourself

Crush the agony
Track Name: Discipline
Black/White. Death/Life.
Love/Hate. Truth/Lie.

Day/Night. Dark/Bright.
Time/Nothing. Space/Nothing.


Life is not here
Life is here

Yes discipline. No discipline.

Track Name: Strife
Left with no hope, no alternatives but death
Driven to hate, forced to ruin. I must react

Granite block, absolute strife

Absorbed is the violence that they unleash on me
The instigation aggravates drammatically

Implacable relentless strife

How can i feel simpathy when all they give is lust and greed?
You sell me death and misery, how can i behave innocently?
How can i?

Totalitarian iron fist crushing all
Purifing consciousness, gaining control

Mind oppression, pure scorn
Necessary extinction, all in the name of strife
Track Name: Stay Away
We are always controlled but our strife is of steel
They want us dead, they don't know how we feel
I don't need pleasure to live this life
And i know how to spend this night, stayin' away

Stay away

It's mediocrity to buy a smile on your face
Material values, narcisism race
I don't need pleasure to live this life
Avoid the storm of lies, stay away

Stay away
Track Name: Obstinate Sacrifice
Multitask masquerade, colors and shape
Paradoxal movements, pleasure is pain
A sacred deed but seen as a sin
Proclaimed in silence
An active force, the taste of remorse
It's clearly violence

Obstinate sacrifice

Exiliated and with no hope
Haunted creature that lost its soul
Nothing and no one, forgotten in limbo
Unborn and undead, opinions crumble
There is a story that no one can tell
About the waste of a helping hand
There is a border at every corner
Would you come closer?
It's getting harder

Obstinate sacrifice

Heart on ice in endless night
To bleed the fear, the wound is wide
The consequence of many deaths
They fail to see, i fail to be

Sentences are useless needs
Who is safe from misery?

It's a great way to die, an obstinate sacrifice